by greensecretnow

The Settlement announced today between State Attorneys General and Lender Processing Services (LPS) has some important implications for homeowners facing foreclosure and those who have been foreclosed upon over the past several years.

LPS is the company that is one of the most notorious players in the foreclosure crisis. Employees of their subsidiary, Docx were profiled in a 60 Minutes Segment admitting to signing other peoples names to documents and signing documents endorsing loans, assigning mortgages and swearing to facts under oath without authorization from the company on whose behalf they were signing.

Several LPS employees have also been indicted on criminal charges in Missouri and Nevada.

These forged documents were then used and continue to be used to foreclose on homeowners from Oregon to Ohio.

If LPS were taking homes away from citizens with guns instead of forged documents, the Chief Law Officers of 46 States would not haveā€¦

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